Picture Fundraiser


At this time, our Picture fundraiser mail-outs are beginning to hit mailboxes for those who live in and own property in the Fire District. This is a very important fundraiser for us each year to help fund new equipment to better serve you. There are no representatives going home-to-home anymore. Should someone visit you claiming to be with the Fire Department, contact the Fire Department and JoCo Sheriffs Office. We thank you for your continued support!

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Volunteer Applications 

We are currently accepting applications to become a member of our department. If you have the desire to serve your community in the volunteer capacity, fill out our interest card below! 


CPR Certification


As our community grows and we come in contact with more and more people each day, knowing how to properly perform CPR is very important. You NEVER know when you may have to save a life!

We are offering a Full CPR Certification Class. If you are interested, call us and give us your name and the number of attendees. There is no age limit! Stay posted for dates as we schedule.


Reflective Address Signs

In the event of an emergency, it is crucial for First Responders to be able to quickly identify the correct home by seeing the address. If you do not have a visible number at the road, it could cause a delay in response. Consider ordering a reflective sign that can be affixed at the road, whether on a mailbox or on a post next to your driveway so we can quickly find you and be able help you faster in the event of an emergency.  

Signs are $15 and can be made Vertical or Horizontal. 

Call the Fire Station for your order!



Safety Topics

We constantly post new and current Safety Topics relating to the time of year. Sometimes they can be friendly reminders to check detectors or an in-depth discussion on health, fire or other related topics.

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Become A FireFighter

Have you ever thought of becoming a firefighter? Do you have the desire to respond to all different types of situations from burning buildings to providing medical care to citizens? If so, let us know! We would love to meet you!

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