Brush Fires can Become House Fires!

As we enter the beautiful spring season the first thing that pops into mind is, Gosh I have got to get this yard cleaned up. For most of us, we endured a pretty mild winter with the exception of that crippling ice storm that still shows its existence in many of our yards. I'm not so sure there has been a time since Fran and Floyd that so many trees and limbs have fell in such a short span of time. As the days heat up most people are beginning to clean up the remainder of their yard debris or just cleaning up around the house. The next step is most homeowners favorite. SET IT ON FIRE!!!! Yes everyone loves to watch a fire, maybe sit around with friends and enjoy company with a few cold beverages after all that enduring hard work. This is all fine and dandy to do but there are a few things to think about.

1. Pile Size. - Often times we are working so hard to get the job finished we don't think about how big our pile of brush is becoming. You want to be able to feel comfortable with knowing you can contain it should something get out of hand. Also the amount of heat large piles produce can radiate to close items that may have a relatively low ignition temperature.

2. Distance - Always try to stay within reach of a water source whether its a hose or pond where you can bucket water.

3. Preparation - Before pilling anything up, clean up the spot in which you are going to use for your fire. Rake around the area, clear any loose items that could cause the fire to spread rapidly.

4. Weather - With BEAUTIFUL spring weather normally brings dry conditions and variable winds. Check your weather the day before you start the fire along with an hour before. We live in North Carolina where weather can change in the matter of minutes. Most every forest fire begins from negligence to wind.

Be Smart when you strike that lighter and have all your bases covered so your not to blame.